We believe in 3 things when it comes to ChewsWize snacks. Good innovative food, safely sourced with great taste. Simple.

We have a great range of snacks that are always changing, we add 3-4 new snacks every month.

To learn about each snack go here.

Yes absolutely. Our expert nutritionists at ChewsWize screen every recipe to ensure there's the right balance and mix of nutrients with energy providing foods for your busy lives.

Every snack is designed to have at least one benefit. You can see this, but the red flags we have on each pack and on the product pages of each snack too. We even have a "N" flag for naughty! As you can't be good all of the time, you need to treat yourself now and again!


We use Visa and MasterCard to accept payments. We will automatically deduct payments each time your box ships, no paying in advance for a month or 3 months. 

Yes, it is. But ChewsWize is an open ended subscription snack box service. Once you start it, the boxes continue to be shipped until you decide to cancel or pause deliveries.

You can stop and start anytime, no commitment at all!

If you ordered a box to be delivered on Thursday we will bill your credit card on the Monday beforehand.

If you order a box to be delivered on a Monday we will bill your credit on the Thursday beforehand.


Anywhere in Hong Kong, such as your office or home. We use HK Post to get the snack box to you. So you don't need to sign for the box.
No, we try to keep it simple. Your ChewsWize box will be sent via HK Post to your office or home. No signature needed!

Just log in and on the home page, select "rate your snacks" or click on the "snacks" page and then start clicking on the rating boxes under each snack.

"Love" means you'll get the snack a lot, "No Thx" means you'll never see the snack every again.

No you won't lose your ratings. They'll stay right where they are.
Yes you can. You only need to login on ChewsWize.com, then on the home page, select order more boxes, then select the new box you want to send to your friend and follow the instructions (it's only two steps!)

You can cancel deliveries anytime, online. Login to ChewsWize.com, head to the home page, then on the right of the screen goto manage boxes, then click on 'cancel this subscription'.

ChewsWize delivers by local postman every Monday or Thursday so you have fresh snacks for the week ahead.