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The story

We realized Asia is becoming an increasingly busy place and people want snacks that are healthy and tasty, not just sensible. Sensible is just boring.

All of us at ChewsWize felt that supermarkets, corner convenience stores and office pantries didn’t offer what we needed…..nutritious, balanced, reliably sourced tasty snacks (sourced from places we trust are clean and un-polluted) to keep us wisely fuelled in our hectic lives without increasing our waistlines.

…and so ChewsWize was born. Wizely chosen snacking foods, chewtastic (yes, we just said that!) snacks with flavor and buckets of imagination.

Because who wants yet another pack of plain, boring almonds?

Why we care at ChewsWize

We want you to be able to eat well and work hard. Often the “working hard” bit stops you from eating well. So, wisely chosen, safely sourced snacks delivered to your door solves this, instantly.

Our lives, our planet, our health

We don’t believe we live our lives in a bubble. What we do impacts on us, our earth, everything has consequences.

So we took a decision to source only from the most reliable producers. Our chocolate-based products are Orangutan friendly meaning, they are palm oil free and made only with cocoa butter. In fact all our products are palm oil free.

Why save Orangutans?

Orangutans are a cornerstone tree dwelling species their fruit-eating and seed-dispersing behavior is of ecological significance in helping to preserve tropical rain forests in Indonesia and Malaysia and beyond.

As Orangutans disappear, it signals the disappearance of thousands of other animals and plant species in fragile tropical rain forest habitats. So by saving orangutans and their forest homes, we save those same species that co-exist with them.

At the current rate of deforestation, studies show orangutans could become extinct in the next 5-10 years and Sumatran tigers less than 3 years.

(Source: Orangutan Republik Foundation)

Deforestation-The burning issue in Asia.

Indonesia and Malaysia’s rainforests are a large part of the lungs of our planet and the home to some of the most species diverse habitats in the world.

Indonesia and Malaysia account for 90% of the world’s production of palm oil. Yet they cut down and burn prime rainforests at a rate of 300 football fields every hour. (Guinness Book of World Records, 2008). Releasing high amounts of CO2. Tropical deforestation is currently responsible for about 18% of the greenhouse emissions, a significant contributor to climate change.

Yet those same governments seem to only care about profit and unsustainable palm plantation cultivation.

Our Goal

Our goal is to put pressure on the producers of palm oil for a stronger more rigorous certification process, one we can all believe in.

The food industry is moving towards CSPO (this adds cost to your palm oil products, but it’s worth it, this is “our” planet), we think they can move a lot quicker, so the more of us asking for strict RSPO or CSPO accredited palm oil, the better.

Honestly…..think about it

Yep, this does mean you pay more for your ChewsWize box, but let’s be honest an earth without the species diverse rainforests (the lungs of the earth) is not an earth we want to be a part of.

Learn more about the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) here.
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